en·​rich | \in-ˈrich | /inˈriCH, enˈriCH/

: to add greater value or significance to : to make fuller, more meaningful, or more rewarding : to improve or enhance the quality or value of : to add or increase by a desirable quality, attribute, or ingredient

By definition, our goal is simply to ...

enhance, improve, complement, boost or
just plain "make your group better"!


The best small group management tool

Did you know that groups tend to do better when they maintain a strong line of communication?
Would you like to organize your group and eliminate the need for individual phone calls and text messages?
Join our platform and discover the most productive way to keep your group organized and effectively managed.
Increase communication, quickly and easily keep your group informed.

What is EMG?


EMG is the most responsive, mobile and dynamic group management software designed to help you manage your group and foster effective communications across all members, affiliates and group leaders.

Created with a wide range of functionalities, it brings you all of the features you need to spur your group to success while maintaining healthy team building spirit and high collaborative energy.

Whether your group consists of sales personnel working towards achieving a target, a football team preparing for a competition or even a corporate group with a huge company task ahead, EMG offers you the flexible, well organized and highly effective tool you need.

Our tools allow you to easily send SMS messages, schedule events and share documents and post announcements, making communication less of a chore and more of a must have for your group.

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Why Choose Enrich My Group?

Resolve issues faster and collaborate quicker

Increase Efficiency

Our tools allow you to keep your information organized. Posted or uploaded content is immediately available to all group members

Encourage Participation

With features such as polls and discussions, leaders can easily get everyone involved

Increase Accountability

Know who is viewing announcements, news or other content

Empower Your Group

Information sharing is the easiest and fasted means of empowering your team to do more

Utilize IOS / Android / Web

View and maintain your content via the web or your mobile device

Maintain Security

Your group content is only available to your group members. Private information and communications remain private

Provide Premium Support

We are always ready to help

Everything you need

The one tool with all the feautures needed to group your group. All information is available via web and mobile devices.


Start by creating your own group and planning your content sharing/management strategy.


Send out invitations to members of your team/group and get started with connecting right away.


Post group content, share information, organize tasks and manage your members.

How it works?

Because there is no separation between frontend and admin, Smarty can use any element, anywhere! Cool, isn't it?

So basically, this is an admin! And Frontend! Both!
~295Kb CSS Core, including Bootstrap & Deps! How about that?


Welcome to smarty, multipurpose template!

Frontend? Admin? What if you don't need anymore to learn and work with two different templates on your projects? What would you do if time really matter?

Welcome to the Enrich My Group app / starter template.

Enrich My Group is now a fairly mature repository thanks to time and contributors. Our goal is to be an enterprise level solution, to jump start your new web project with Blazor. It's based on Blazor & Razor components for both Client-Side [WebAssembly] (CSB) or Server-Side (SSB) with the .Net Core Framework 3.1+. Expect a lot of changes in the future as Blazor is growing and changing rapidly. View the live server-side API

This project can now run Client Side / Webassembly Blazor OR Server Side Blazor. Just select which way you want to debug / release with Visual Studio. The ASP.NET Core app serves the Blazor app to clients. The WebAssembly / client-side Blazor app can interact with the server over the network using web API calls or SignalR. I / Enkode is more interested in this hosted model the most to keep the load on the server low. The server-side hosted model is primarily for debugging the the UI.

The repo is moving along... it takes time to build as I am often contributing to MatBlazor as well to obtain UI changes that are needed for the theme. With more support each project can grow faster. Please contribute, or at minimum star the repositories on Github

Disclaimer / About the Author

I (Enrich My Group LLC) started this repository as I was frustrated with the examples out there that people were charging money for and were in my opinion incomplete or closed source. I paid for 4-5 of these solutions and none of them were what I was looking for. This is my attempt to create something that developers can start a Blazor project with several great features to build from. I have a lot of experience with ASP.Net webforms, I am new to .NET Core and Blazor. This code is not meant to be perfect or follow every Best Practice. It though is my ambition to learn and get feedback on what Best Practices can be implemented. I have taken small solutions from other repositories and will do my best to recognize those contributions. I am very open to ideas and suggestions. I am not a great developer, but I try. So please take this into consideration when using this repository.

I am building this because I have a project that will be using this as a framework so my features are what I foresee that project needing. It is re-write of a legacy .Net WebForms project. Please take the time to Star, Contribute or Donate to support my efforts to continue to drive the project, especially if you use it in production.

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